Get Me Healthy naturopathic services do not attempt nor imply that they can cure any condition. Questions and suggestions are only to assist and stimulate a person's own internal automated processes through herbs, nutrition and lifestyle recommendations.


Claire is passionate about promoting health and wellbeing to people in order to help them succeed in their health journey. By providing education to her clients, she is able to create empowerment to make good health decisions.


She has accomplished a Bachelor in Naturopathy, Sport and Recreation plus Diplomas in Herbal Medicine and Nutrition.  These qualifications have given Claire the ability to apply science to connect the dots in your story, to find the root cause of the concern.


Her journey started as a child with an interest in swimming, having swum competitively for 10 years.  As a child, Claire experienced an autoimmune disease and digestive complaints as an adult. This experience has inspired a deep desire to help and care for others.  After completion of a Bachelor in Sport and Recreation, Claire found a passion for nutrition, which led her to further her career by studying a Bachelor in Naturopathy, Diploma in Herbal Medicine and Nutrition.  

                                                                                                 Providing a positive outlook on life and an empathetic caring attitude helps shape the relationship with her clients.  Claire believes that a therapeutic bond is essential to assist in your healing.


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Claire Mockridge

Bachelor in Naturopathy

Bachelor in Sport and Recreation
Diploma in Nutrition

Diploma in Herbal Medicine


Claire Mockridge | Naturopath
Claire Mockridge | Nutritionist